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PORTRAIT OF HOWIE: island-to-island mail service

An excerpt of correspondence between Elizabeth Whelan, who lives on one of the Elizabeth islands, and me.  Elizabeth is painting Howie’s portrait. Wednesday, March 04, 2015 6:56 am Dear Cynthia, I have let too much time pass without contacting you, … Continue reading

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It was Friday afternoon, March 6th, when Diane at the West Tisbury Post Office called. “Your keets have arrived,” she said, “and they sound  healthy.” Howie and I piled into his pickup, he shifted into 4-wheel-drive, and we eased our … Continue reading

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We’re dreaming of the times when we could actually walk out of the house without bundling up in boots, heavy jackets, mittens, and hats, and without worrying about slipping on ice and breaking something.  Summer will come, we hope, although … Continue reading

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