The Cleaveland House now

The Cleaveland House now

We’re dreaming of the times when we could actually walk out of the house without bundling up in boots, heavy jackets, mittens, and hats, and without worrying about slipping on ice and breaking something.  Summer will come, we hope, although at the moment we’re not sure when.

Howie said it’s about time we provided our bed and breakfast guests with a handout letting them know what they’re getting themselves into by planning to spend time at the Cleaveland House, so he wrote this:

CleavelandHouse back crop

The back of the Cleaveland House expands as each generation adds to it

Welcome to the Cleaveland House, a non-smoking home, except for the four fireplaces. To make your stay more enjoyable please feel free to ask about your uncertainties.  Your suggestions will be understandably received.       

 The entrance door is always open, so come and go as you please. Breakfast will be available from 8 am to 10 am for coffee, tea, cereal, fruit, toast, and perhaps, sometimes, a surprise like Cynthia’s ginger muffins.

Eat in the kitchen, breakfast room or the picnic tables outside.  Place your used dishes in the sink — definitely not in the dishwasher.  

Wi-Fi users — ask us for the code to Cleaveland House 5G. 

Closest available meals would be at the Plane View Restaurant at the Airport for breakfast and lunch, State Road Restaurant for lunch and dinner, snacks at Alley’s, and sandwiches at 7A’s nearby. Cronig’s food market at 469 State Road has a deli for soup and sandwiches and a salad bar. Check directories here for numerous eating places on the Island. 

Health Department regulations do not allow guests to use the refrigerator or stove. We have coolers for those with special needs and can supply ice as available. 

Our territorial cat, Daphne, has made life uncomfortable for visiting pets, their owners, and us. Much as we like animals, pets are not welcome.     

We would like you to sign our guest book.  We have had many notable guests  including diplomats, artists, sculptors, a transplant surgeon, a string theory physicist, a world renowned Alzheimer researcher, a chocolate factory owner, mayors, photographers, and on and on it goes. . .  but we want to know you.  

Cynthia and Howie with one of the Plymouth Rock hens.  Photo by Lynn Christoffers

Cynthia and Howie with Blackie,one of the Plymouth Rock hens. Photo by Lynn Christoffers

If you would like your image and your special message videotaped for possible viewing on our local MVTV channel, let us know. 

Walk around the grounds. We have a small fish pond with benches nearby that you may use. The chickens and guinea fowl are friendly — make sure the chickens are not in your car as you drive away,  as they like to enter through open windows or open trunks. 

Cynthia and Howard




About Cynthia Riggs

CYNTHIA RIGGS, author of eleven books in the Martha’s Vineyard mystery series, has a geology degree from Antioch College, an MFA from Vermont College, and a Coast Guard Masters License (100-ton vessels). She recently married Dr. Howard Attebery, who came back into her life after 62 years.
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  1. Gayle Turowski says:

    We look forward to our visit in June. I am in the process of reading C-Dock and as always I look forward to turning the pages of your books! The winter has been wicked and we’ve yet to see any bare ground let alone a blade of grass in New York too!

  2. williamwaterway says:

    Cleaveland House is one of the most charming B&B’s you can ever hope to find on Martha’s Vineyard. Its location in the middle of the island assures easy access to Up-island and Down-island towns. Walking the bucolic grounds around the house is like stepping back in time. A short distance down the adjacent New Road – brings you to Sepiessa Point Reservation. This is a place where Dionis Coffin Riggs, Cynthia Riggs’ mother, used to walk to for relaxation with guests and family visiting Cleaveland House.
    What makes Sepiessa Point Reservation such a great destination on a hot summer day? its location on Tisbury Great Pond. After biking or hiking on shady, wide, well-maintained paths to scenic Sepiessa Point, you can peel off your clothes and go for a swim at the half-mile-long sandy beach. Bring beach shoes; because the pond is seeded for oysters, sharp shells are scattered along the beach and in the water. The Land Bank has created a boat launching area so you also have the option of paddling in and out of coves or sailing and windsurfing on the pond

  3. I love it! I saw a big, big puddle today near the school. Spring is coming. Meanwhile — the board of health better not try to keep the Sunday writers out of the refrigerator!

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