by Howard Attebery

Howard feeds half-grown hen

Howard feeds half-grown hen


 Today I finished moving the fireplace logs from the wood yard to near the house entrance. I do this every year at this time so when the cold and snow come later it is at a near and convenient place to bring it inside. It took me working two hours a day for four days to do this.

Firewood stacked on the west step for the coming winter

Firewood stacked on the west step for the coming winter

I bring the wood into the house as needed with a kindling supply and store it at the entrance as shown and Cynthia does the remainder —that is carrying it to the fireplaces and preparing it for starting.

Stacked in the entry to stay dry -- and convenient

Stacked in the entry to stay dry — and convenient

At the present time we have three B&B guests, well known artist, Doug Kent, also Lt. James Cowhig of the Massachusetts State Police, and his cousin, Tom Russo, the latter two are fishermen in the very big Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby held on the Island every year, internationally known with huge prizes.

Butternut squash from Howard's 8' x 10' garden

Butternut squash from Howard’s 8′ x 10′ garden

Cynthia is making very tasteful pies using butternut squash that we have grown toooo much in abundance.

I believe it is 15 skunks Walter Wlodyka, the skunk and raccoon removal man, has captured at $100 each and I saw two more last night so we will have him return because the skunks are on the same path that the guests use on the way to the alternative outdoor shower. Skunks feed on the black sunflower seeds left over from the bird handouts.

Skunks, guineas, and hens at the kitchen step

Skunks, guineas, and hens at the kitchen step

What do I do with my time? Have done two videos shown on MVTV and have two more to edit. Just downloaded El Capitan on the Mac. Do a daily run to the Post Office, run is not the right word it is drive—-I cannot run—-am thankful I can walk even slowly with as many pauses as it takes. In the morning I open the coops, water and supply feed for the 10 chickens and 9 Guinea fowl that roost in the trees. TIME and THE WEEK need to be looked at and all those   Emails.

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About Cynthia Riggs

CYNTHIA RIGGS, author of eleven books in the Martha’s Vineyard mystery series, has a geology degree from Antioch College, an MFA from Vermont College, and a Coast Guard Masters License (100-ton vessels). She recently married Dr. Howard Attebery, who came back into her life after 62 years.
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7 Responses to HAPPENINGS

  1. bellis2688 says:

    Thanks for keeping me updated

    Sent by Barbara


  2. Ruth Nixon says:

    So glad to hear from you..Ruth

  3. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    Sounds magical in so many ways! Love the idea of the butternut squash pies.

  4. Larry and Kay Reynolds says:

    Enjoyed hearing your commentary of life at Cleaveland House, Howard. Felt like we were back there as one of your guests.

  5. Cheryl Blanchette says:

    So comforting to read about a purposeful life and your life together in harmony! Merci!

  6. Howie, you rock. That is one handsome woodpile, and you know the Sunday Writers appreciate all the effort that goes into the crackling fire in the fireplace every week. I think it makes us write better. 🙂

  7. Sheila sawyer says:

    Howie is amazing!

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