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CYNTHIA RIGGS, author of eleven books in the Martha’s Vineyard mystery series, has a geology degree from Antioch College, an MFA from Vermont College, and a Coast Guard Masters License (100-ton vessels). She recently married Dr. Howard Attebery, who came back into her life after 62 years.


  In mid-December I got an email from a fan in Florida.  The subject line was, “Could you pass a nautical quilt along to someone who would enjoy it?”   Dear Cynthia [she wrote]: I have enjoyed all your Victoria … Continue reading

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The temperature in our newish refrigerator is 65 degrees. We don’t need the thermometer To tell us that’s in the Danger Zone, as there’s a rank smell. I dread the call to Crane Appliances, the third call for service on … Continue reading

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by Howard Attebery    Today I finished moving the fireplace logs from the wood yard to near the house entrance. I do this every year at this time so when the cold and snow come later it is at a … Continue reading

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To All Who Plan to Read or Have Read “Go Set a Watchman”: “Go Set a Watchman” was Harper Lee’s first book, and first books are usually unpublishable, as was “Watchman.”  While it has brilliant writing in patches, it has … Continue reading

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Martha’s Vineyard Medal

“It would almost have paid  to be sick here,” someone commented. I could almost agree.  It was a brilliant, clear August afternoon. The view stretched off into the far distance. Far below us was the Lagoon, and beyond it,  Vineyard Haven harbor, the arriving … Continue reading

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PORTRAIT OF HOWIE: island-to-island mail service

An excerpt of correspondence between Elizabeth Whelan, who lives on one of the Elizabeth islands, and me.  Elizabeth is painting Howie’s portrait. Wednesday, March 04, 2015 6:56 am Dear Cynthia, I have let too much time pass without contacting you, … Continue reading

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It was Friday afternoon, March 6th, when Diane at the West Tisbury Post Office called. “Your keets have arrived,” she said, “and they sound  healthy.” Howie and I piled into his pickup, he shifted into 4-wheel-drive, and we eased our … Continue reading

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We’re dreaming of the times when we could actually walk out of the house without bundling up in boots, heavy jackets, mittens, and hats, and without worrying about slipping on ice and breaking something.  Summer will come, we hope, although … Continue reading

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Being snowbound on the Vineyard is a new experience for Howie. He gave up sunny California to make his home with me on what I’d assured him was a gentle island. The temperatures on Martha’s Vineyard seldom go as low as … Continue reading

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Preparing for the storm with bottled water   The weather forecast for the Cape and Islands was for a winter storm of epic proportions starting the following day,  Monday. A telephone alert informed us that the Tisbury School would be … Continue reading

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